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This world is brutal in its bitter way,

destroying beauty, tarnishing the good,

Hurting the carers, harming those who would

do better with their lives each passing day -

those who, despite all that the doctors say,

take back some control – if only they could

get up from where they drown beneath the flood

of good intentions. So today I pray:

when you’re hurt let me be your novocaine,

to ease the tears and quell the heavy sigh.

I want to take away your deep held pain,

to give you wings again so you can fly.

My love will be more potent than cocaine.

The drugs don’t work – so baby let me try.

petrarchan sonnetdrugslovedepressionrecoveryhelpease the pain

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keith jeffries

Thu 26th Apr 2018 17:26

Great words of compassion and comfort. Thank you for this. Keith

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