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Testimony to openness

Relinquishing all fears



Hear me now



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National Poetry Day

Respect to the Snowflake Generation

Don’t listen to them when they call you snowflakes.

Don’t be hurt when they call you fucking pansies.

Pity them. They are damaged. And they fear you.


They think it’s too much work to be inclusive,

too used to being the privileged majority.

Who is it really that’s easily offended?


When they see they don’t define the world anymore.

You do. That is why they fear you.


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The Wavering Needle

At peace
At last
At war
Stuck fast

Tied down
Cut loose
Turned up

Slept well
Kept tense
Clear words
No sense

I was once
So serene
Now this needle

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Crossroads - my National Poetry Day piece

I feel like I'm at a crossroads,

a path I do not know.

The future's looking complex as a vortex

as I continue to grow.


Do I wait in frantic futility

brazenly biting my lip and learning humility?


I see you stuck in Stockholm

waiting for the day that you finally come home.


Destined for greatness

yet thwarted by gravity and quicksand


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If this is a day

On a page or stage

That asks you to say...


With rhyme or not

Keeping time or

Stopping to make your meaning clearer

Bringing the distant nearer

Unpacking the treasured memories

Buried oh so slightly to the left in your chest

Explaining why someone pushes all your buttons

And how each and every button feels to be depressed

And doing all...

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