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Governed by a Two-Edged Knife

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Governed by a Two-Edged Knife


(There is an urgent need to raise awareness of mental health issues in the community. No longer can they be swept under the carpet out of sight and out of mind. I would normally present this first in the Mental Health Unit of the Like-Minders Society Theme Park. Something said post it on the WOL site now)



I'm governed by a two-edged knife

A dem...

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mental health awareness

Brexit psychosis

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Yesterday the first official case of a new mental issue termed 'Brexit Psychosis' was diagnosed, this will proberly continue long after the deal like a form of PTSD......


Brexit psychosis

A new type of 


Caused by

An atrocious osmosis

Of Nothingness!

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Brexitmental health awareness

The Rollercoaster which we name Bipolar

Up swings
Low swings
Irritable swings
Whenever the bell rings.
Time to change so soon?
Oh thankyou for the gloom
Its not like I needed mental room
I'll just listen to your tune.
Is it time for bed,
Or are you not done yet?
This endless strain of thoughts
Feeling like I'm making a case In front of the courts
Barely awake, but barely conscious?
You'll wish you'd had your bedroom blessed

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