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The Rollercoaster which we name Bipolar

Up swings
Low swings
Irritable swings
Whenever the bell rings.
Time to change so soon?
Oh thankyou for the gloom
Its not like I needed mental room
I'll just listen to your tune.
Is it time for bed,
Or are you not done yet?
This endless strain of thoughts
Feeling like I'm making a case In front of the courts
Barely awake, but barely conscious?
You'll wish you'd had your bedroom blessed
Demons looming above and below
Looking so real,  even seeing them crawl
Its not for the faint hearted
A fair few times I've upped and darted
Then I realise they're visions within my mind
Creating up images that are the most unkind
Still it doesn't make me fear them less
Nor does it cause me any less stress
Is that shadow or sound a ghost,
Or is my brain the producing host?
Do these eery children exist,
Or is it my nightmares enjoying their bliss?
Aggitated without just cause
Yet unable to press pause
Snapping at people with fanged jaws
Unable to retract my claws
Crying for no apparent reason
Perhaps it's just that gloomy season
Or the irrational thoughts that fuel them
You wipe them away and get up again
Not by choice, it's the next show
This time mania is having a go
Never mind you feeling low,
It's finally your time to glow!
Restless beyond words
Every idea becomes a dare
The days and nights pass in a blur
Never stopping, not even for air


Up swings
Low swings
Irritable swings
Whenever the bell rings...

Time to change so soon?


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HayzTee (Hayley)

Thu 23rd Aug 2018 00:35

I am okay with the roller coaster it creates for now don't you worry. I just hope it slows down soon! ?

I wanted to use imagery to properly try to emphasise on aspects. I think mental health can be scary, but it can also be okay to. Currently had half an idea for poem about the pro's, after a beneficial mood swing earlier that resulted in me being very productive ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 23:38

Your title is apt. Mine also has been a rollercoaster ride but with the help of many my rollercoaster has now slowed and I'm enjoying the ride. It sounds like yours is still 'out of control' which is not good.

Extreme oscillations are not good. We don't want thoughts of suicide creeping in.

On the poetic side,I like your imagery and the rhyming works well. The last exclamation 'full stop' I really like ?

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HayzTee (Hayley)

Wed 22nd Aug 2018 17:35

It's almost is in the shape of an exclamation mark! That has me so easily amused right now hahaha ?

My brain fart slightly resembles something, woop

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