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The 7 Valley

the 7 valley of life the first is the flower of lily it beauty that surrounds it

the lily of the meadow is the grace and beauty through the decade shown in the hill of turmoil and despair 

the lily of Meadow has many beautiful things some carved by memory other by earth but flawless in their making and no ruin to be found

the 7 valley of life the second is a forest of dreams made the dream of the men to past

the forest of dreams has a ruin of things that has fade a day gone by through an age of peace and war 

the forest of dreams has many memories some peaceful some fearful but the forest holds many keys at its branch to see and feel but always forgotten

the forest of dreams made boys into men and girls into women through their dreams they strive to do from a young age

the 7 of life the third cave of the forsaken the thing that discarded  left to fade

cave of the forsaken many memory are forge but then left to died  on the plain of Phantom of  days gone by from age pass

​​​​cave of the forsaken has forge desalination of memory people gave up and  left to die 

the 7 valley valleys are the fourth cove of hope a place where hope and prosperity is found at the water edge 

cove of hope has forged a bond as strong as iron and as pure as a diamond through the age of harmony from prosperity

cove of hope it radiance water gleam the memory of the bond that was forged on truth an love an understanding

​​​​​​cove of hope many shore it felt an seen through the bond of peoples its seen 

The 7 Valley of life the fifth the hill of turmoil were bond were severed and were war soak the past

Hill of turmoil shows the age of war in us are people are beliefs are nation are life our loved one through the word of chaos an anger 

Hill of turmoil shows many things that are hard to accept and many things too dark to fight alone through the shadow of the hill we need a candle to show a way to the meadow

The 7 valleys of life the sixth the temple of radiance the light so bright is Pierce the shadow from a candle from this place it a beacon of hope in the darkest valley

The temple of radiance show the light of truth, joy, peace, hope, understanding, love, honest, serinity this beacon stands as a reminder of the light we have to age of turmoil are chaos through the shadow that feeds itself of it

The 7 Valley of life the seventh the ruin of chaos through the age the ruin stands as a reminder of being past and present to future generations that through chaos come ruin of many things but light will overcome 

















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Coaghlin broic

Thu 5th Aug 2021 23:59

I personally was affected by this thinking about it an i felt the it

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