Poetry Understands

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Poetry understands
walking dead,
monsters under the bed,
voices in your head.

Poetry understands
wounded souls,
storms, walls, 
severed rainbows.

Poetry understands
broken hearts,
rainy days, lonely nights,
moon light.

Poetry understands
star-crossed love,
hopeless romances,
second chances.

Poetry understands
twin flames
guilt, shame,
the blame game.

Poetry understands
weathered faces,
sad songs,
dark places.

Poetry understands
the mirror,
unanswered calls,
stumbles, falls.

Poetry understands 
it all. 



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Adam Rabinowitz

Mon 5th Aug 2019 04:57

So true for me. I feel like I am talking to a friend when I write or read poetry.

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Mae Foreman

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 17:56

Excellent Vautau!
Thank you?

<Deleted User> (19708)

Sun 21st Apr 2019 14:52

You nailed this. I absolutely love it. The flow calls to me

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jennifer Malden

Wed 17th Apr 2019 18:39

Absolutely! Jennifer

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Wed 17th Apr 2019 14:50

Thanks guys! I appreciate you reading and sharing your insightful thoughts. Jason, I have to remind myself too! Don, sometimes I spend as much time finding a song as I spend writing the poem, which is fun for me as I love music almost as much as poetry. I'm glad it flowed this time! Love that Ginsberg quote Keith. Yes, poetry is an outlet for all my emotions too. Poetry is my magic carpet ride through life! ?

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keith jeffries

Wed 17th Apr 2019 12:26

When I had finished reading this poem the words of Allen Ginsberg came to mind, "Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind". For me poetry is an outlet of all that sits within me, from anger and dissent to an appreciation of beauty and all emotions. We often go in search of inspiration when its source lies within us waiting to be given a voice or written with a pen put to paper.

Thank you for this

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Don Matthews

Wed 17th Apr 2019 03:42

Ah, so good Vautaw

I liked your first repeated line then what it understands beneath. The video added to the experience

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 17th Apr 2019 03:21

Yes it does, and thank you, for reminding me of something very important, poetry understands.

J. x

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