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Becoming Alice

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I gaze into the rabbit hole. It does not gaze back. And still, I am ready to enter. 

This mischevious risk urges my desire

To fall within and forget all that is prior

I comtemplate the life I've lived and all the choices I've choose

And what is next in my life and where will my path go

I relieve my grip and accept this new phenomenon

I fall through the hole and embrace the mysterious beyond

The world seems to spin and all thats within rattles along

The darknees is endless neither comforting or compassionate 

I hope for some ground some light around

But all I find is that I am still falling down

Atlast a light perhaps from my imagination is visible from below 

I draw closer and soon see solid ground grow

I fall with a thud and all thats before seemed so distant now

My head is dizzy my eyes confused what is this place I've come

It all makes sense my past is a mess this is where I become

Something new something fresh rewrite my path with a steady thumb

I look around to see three doors with words that they wear

I take this chance knowing this opportunity is rare

To give myself another chance and correctly choose

Power, Love, or Snooze

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Fri 17th Oct 2014 07:28

Wow, I really liked this. I feel we are a lot alike. The life that was given to us by the Norns is already decided. Some broken and lost, and some that conquer and thrive. One thing lies in it though, the courage to move on that will make your life favorable in the eyes of the Gods.

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