On the barren northern moors

lies a dark lonely tower.

No one ever goes there,

not a bird sings or a rabbit jumps.

This is the place of loneliness

and of despair and foreboding.


The sky is a leaden grey and

the wind howls around the tower.

Long lost souls cry for release.

Some may be your friends of long ago

or some long lost lovers of times gone by.

This is a night time place of the

lonely day.


A traveller comes along,

over these barren cold hills.

He sees the tower over the horizon

distant, far and on its own.

In a minute he is there

standing  before this stone monolith.


Slowly he enters the dark tower.

The stairs are steep and the walls cold.

Coming to the top he sees the souls,

they are of everyone we knows.

Just his presence there

will set them free.


Violet light hits the tower,

the sky turns blue

and the souls are free.

The traveller meets his long lost love

dead for a thousand years.

Now Lancelot and Guinevere are

together again.

darkdark towergothlightmoorsromance

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nick armbrister

Sun 11th Sep 2011 13:56

its been published several times Andy:)

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Andy N

Sun 11th Sep 2011 09:19

I'm thinking of Roland too actually, but enjoyed this Nick.. get submittng this around man

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nick armbrister

Sat 10th Sep 2011 15:35

hmm, you know i never thought of his name... maybe, maybe not...

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kath hewitt

Sat 10th Sep 2011 13:59

Would the traveller be named Roland perhaps?

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