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- For my sleeping Savannah.


Sleep my lovely, and dream my lovely.

Close your eyes and see, my lovely.


See the fifth dimension that has formed within you,

See the universe behind your eyes.

See the truth behind the lies, see the world without disguise.


- Stars dance, in a floating sway.

Creating a rip through the milky way.

Black holes begin to turn and swirl,

Sinking me deeper into your world.

I'm swimming now, deep in your pools.

The tides of teal and blue, sapphire eyes bejewled.


Now - See me, my lovely. Feel me, my lovely.

Feel the beating of my chest, the rocking tones that'll never rest.

Feel the metronome tick back and forth. Feel my hearth flicker to your voice.


- My body sings a song, for your dreaming eyes to dance,

My pumping veins, stretching strings for your violin playing hands.

Now play me like one of your instruments, I'll reach your needed pitch.

Brush my neck of open frets, with your irresistable lips.


So - Listen, my love. Hear me, my love.

Hear the words that I preach to your sleep.

Hear the calls that my tired soul weeps.

Touch my spirit, and its freedom, you'll keep.


- Forever tangled around your bones,

my bruised skin scraps shall cover your wounds.

I'll give you shelter, in the dead of night

and when the suns beams begin to bloom.


My ticking heart is forever yours,

with open windows and unbarred doors.

So sleep with me, in my unchained room,

Where our dreams shine through the blackened gloom.












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Tue 25th Aug 2015 08:32


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