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friends are indeed the notes to lifes song

they are more than that though

they are laughs


they are a shoulder to cry on

they are the ones that understand

no matter what they are there


they are there when you feel low

they are there when no one else is

they are the ones that hurt the most 

when they are angery 

you feel it hardest

when they are sad

you ...

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friends of the earth

My one day friend, Mark

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  To Liverpool

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
On Vernon street
Off Dale street
I sat near the sidewalk
At the edge
Like a broken bridge
People were passing
With their robot walking
Sea gulls felt my pain
Also did the rain
And my one day friend Mark
Who heard the voice of gulls in my heart
And my desire to start
His frien...

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How Are You, My Friend?

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It happens very often

When someone on another side of the Earth

Suddenly stops your crazy race

Asking such a simple question:

How are you, my friend?

Instantly it becomes warmer

Hearing those kind words

And a series of depressing days

Breaks into the sunny rays.

A happy smile creeps up your face,

Everyone you would like to embrace.

You were almo...

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friends of the earth



Trees with dark green leaves

Pock-mark the urban landscape

Like beauteous sores.  Oases

In an otherwise unblemished bleakness


Out of place in their naturalness

Rooted in the brown earth

Amid the artificially stunted grass

With an innocent hedge there misplaced.


Trees casting their shadow

Providing shade from the sunlight

That gives them their strength and colour

A contrast heig...

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