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friends are indeed the notes to lifes song

they are more than that though

they are laughs


they are a shoulder to cry on

they are the ones that understand

no matter what they are there


they are there when you feel low

they are there when no one else is

they are the ones that hurt the most 

when they are angery 

you feel it hardest

when they are sad

you feel their pain


being without friends is being without life


im sorry sam :(

friends of the earth

◄ rivers

once in a dream ►


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Tue 17th Nov 2015 10:10

sir,you see i was always witout friends,i was always picked last for everything. i walked alone constantly and i still do but i just had to wait for the right people to come along. it is worth the'll see. your friends will be wonderful and u will never stop smiling. you can never aprreciate the good without dealing with the bad :)

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Patricio LG

Tue 17th Nov 2015 03:51

Maybe that's where I go wrong!

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