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Broken Halos

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Heard a song of broken halos,
folded wings that used to fly.
Wondered why I go where I go.
Yeah, broken halos as miles went by.


 Angels used to come and teach me,

 now they’ve gone another way.

 Don’t blame them, I told them they should

 find another soul to save.


 Stared at the darkness and let my mind go,

 it took me places I used to shine.

 The song kept playing – broken halos.

 Yeah, broken halos and this one’s mine.


 Don’t go looking for the reasons.

 Don’t go asking Jesus why.

 Some folded wings don’t have a reason.

 Somehow, they lose the will to fly.


 I’ve seen my share of broken halos,

 tried to mend some. I’ve tried to give.

 I never thought someday I’d join them.

 I guess it happens in the lives we live.


 I drove in silence for long time,

 thought of the angels in the grand sublime.

 Wondered if they’d ever fallen…

 Broken halos that used to shine.

 Yeah, broken halos and this one’s mine.


Song: Chris Stapleton – Broken Halos


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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 20th Feb 2024 10:59

Thanks for that Jeff.
I think I've come to realise that no-one is can be "a saint" or "an angel" until we accept and address the failings that come with our humanity.
I remember a teacher once told us about some saint or other (long dead of course) who is reputed to have prayed: "Dear Lord, please make me a saint-but not just yet!" 😇

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