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The Umpire’s Decision

The Umpire’s Decision 
at a Women’s Seniors Tennis Match


Sitting in this chair I see you,

Tension stretching every nerve.

My life’s tea would be much sweeter

With you there, “Miss Mills to serve.”


I remember other summers.

Football king meets tennis queen:

At first sight I lost my heart

To you, Miss Mills, at just “Fifteen, love.”



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Knitting A Poem

Hello WOL chums - long time no hear from Fifi. Apologies for that - making a living got in the way of having a life. But I had to share this with you: Ian McMillan (yes, the Ian McMillan) re-tweeted a poem of mine, so I'm as happy as a cat with two tails! The poem was inspired by watching Karen Alderson knitting during a get-together at an Arvon course run by WOL's very own Julian Jordon with F...

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The Christmas Fox

Last one from me for this year, then. These are the lyrics to my Christmas song which has been released into the wild; it’s called The Christmas Fox and it’s available via iTunes or Amazon  or other good mp3 retailers.  Season’s Greetings to one and all.


The fox in the city saw the snow begin to fall

And he stopped to stare in wonder at ...

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The Nine Letters of Christmas

My first is in children and also in care;

My second’s in hope and in homeless and share;

My third is in laughter, in present and strife;

My fourth’s in belief, in despair and in life;

My fifth is in festive, in sleep and in streets;

My sixth is in thanking, and trouble and treats;

My seventh’s in memories that grow with the years;

My eighth is in warmth, and in absen...

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A favour, please...

Dear WOL chums, please can you (and any friends you can blackmail) go and view my bijou videoette on youtube? It's part of the Friday performance at the WOL Lumb Bank week in November (kindly filmed by Karen Alderson - thanks Karen).  I just need to get the number of views up so I don't look like Billy No-Mates. Thanking you...


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'I want this place run like a brothel,'
Said our boss at his baffling, buzzwordy worst.
'I want this place run like a brothel -
Make sure that the customer always comes first.'

So we ran the place just like a brothel,
With schedules and staffing all carefully drafted;
We ran the place just like a brothel,
And just like a brothel we all got shafted......

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Jolly Fun (with apologies to Charles Causley)

I saw a jolly hunter

In the jolly sun

With his jolly mistress

Having jolly fun.


Kissed his jolly mistress

On the jolly lips;

She wrapped her jolly legs

Round his jolly hips.


Hunter jolly eager -

Jolly cares gone.

Forgot jolly safety catch

Not jolly on.


Jolly mistress laughed as she

Jolly hunter rode;

Bang went jolly hunte...

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