Alone with the Virus

I went to the market today, 

I bought some Haddock.

Under the present circumstances it seemed like the best thing to do,

There’s nothing in the shops,

Not even toilet paper

It looks like things are going down the pan very rapidly

What a thin veneer

Civilisation is so fragile

No thicker than a sheet of tissue paper, so gossamer.

I poached it in a bit of milk, the Haddock,

Like my mum used to

Then I ate it with bread and butter and a cup of tea.

That’s about all I have now

Tea and a spot of milk

To last me until, well how long does it have to last?

By the time I get to the shop,

Can’t go till next week,

The fools will have swooped again and stolen it all

How they’ll gloat

Brag about their hoard

Their stash of supplies locked away in their cupboard.

My cupboard is bare

Thank god I don’t have a dog

My old mother would have had something to say I can tell you!

Don’t come telling me about the Blitz

She would have said,

This is nothing like it you’re just soft and weak of character

She was funny my mum

Full of fury but fuller of love

She would have enjoyed that bit of Haddock

I think I’ll go to the market again,

Next week, if they’re still open

If I’m still able and not struck down and waiting

For someone to notice I’m not about and come looking for me

I wish I’d bought another bit of Haddock.



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Don Matthews

Wed 25th Mar 2020 02:34

I like your laid-back style Kevin...

'you’re just soft and weak of character'... so true......just give us some time to harden up to the new normal.....

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Greg Freeman

Tue 24th Mar 2020 23:42

Good work, Kevin. I like the way you focus on the particular ... a piece of haddock.

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keith jeffries

Tue 24th Mar 2020 20:47


Your words ring true. I should imagine you have articulated what many would struggle to say.

Thank you for this

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