You're not alone

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Crumbling all around you
Your world falling apart
Life seems to be dealing cruel blows
And your wondering where to start
From the moment you start hiding
Things go from bad to worse
The damage is occurring
And your causing yourself hurt
On the outside you are smiling
But on the inside there is pain
To the world your seeing sunshine
But all you see is rain
Behind the dark clouds lurks your demons
And the angels don’t shine through
You feel you have no-one to talk to
And don’t know what to do
Life’s in a downwards spiral
And you need to be back on top
To some it sounds so easy
But to you it’s such a lot
When the pressures getting heavy
Your mind is totally blown
When you feel you’re on your own
You’re not alone

© Curiousdud3 07/2020


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