Red Flag Blues

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Red Flag Blues


Through a rose tinted haze

That barely warms my heart

Comes a lukewarm reaction

That tears my beliefs apart

Nothing to vote for

No contradictory views

Politically impotent

Red flag blues


Insipid humility

Nothing new to say

Trading in ineffectiveness

Another grey day

Gets rid of opposition

Spectral on the news

leading blind acolytes

Red Flag Blues


Tory-lite and anodyne

Like battenburg and tea

Some Alan Bennett cliché

That doesn’t speak to me

Plastic conservative

In a range of soft pink hues

Socialism decimated

Red Flag Blues


You don’t want my type

To be rocking your boat

You only really want me

When it comes the time to vote

You’re shedding party members

Like they’re worn-out shoes

No room for dissent

Red Flag Blues


When the opposition party

Doesn’t offer choice

so you don’t have an option

to express your voice

All I can do

When you ask me to choose

Is to state ‘none of the above

Just Red Flag Blues’

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 9th Jun 2022 14:27

thanks for the comment RG - I agree - and thanks for the 'likes' one and all 😃

Reggie's Ghost

Thu 12th May 2022 17:52

Corbyn offered a radical alternative. Perhaps the Party should have stuck with him on principle and been content with permanently holding the government to account rather than watering down their policies to gain the public vote?

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