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Hypothetically speaking I want to be happy. & that is the only objective I'll pursue. Machination and epiphanies may aid in the constitution of strategies that'll supposively enable me to achieve delectation and felicity, But ultimately what makes you happy? Money, materials? - No. Not at all. Tangible goods can't remunerate and compensate for the emptiness of your soul. Possessions can only strengthen the happiness that you've already obtained, but not spark or ignite it. You have to love yourself and the company you keep before you can truly be contented with life. But in this world we disregard and dismiss the simple pleasures without realising that these seemingly simplistic factors of life are actually the foundation of happiness. We seek validation in places that'll only diminish us further. Life's guilty pleasures take over but ultimately that pleasure is short lived. A bottle of wine, a spliff, a line, one night of passion with some bloke you met online. Really? Is that the extent of life's pleasures. It's just an escapism - to try and fill that void and satisfy satiety for the emptiness of your soul. Daily routines and mandatory behaviours imprison us to this life that someone else chose for us. We follow the protocol -we live, we get educated, we work and we die. But these 9-5's leave us with little time to truly cultivate our lives and conscientiously use our minds. So what are we supposed to do? Abuse the system? No - that'll just create even more asperity for those who oblige. Find a passion and let that lead you .. Do something you enjoy so that the imperative irremissible routine of life doesn't become a chore. Don't let socialism consume you, don't let the system control you and don't let the iniquity and immorality of the world suppress or defeat you. 

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