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It's been a hard day

Smiling pretending everything is fine

If I pretend it feels better

If I do it enough it hurts less

I haven't texted you all day

I haven't ran to you

I keep telling myself I don't need you anymore

I keep telling myself I don't love you

But a voice in my head keeps saying, " Be patient, be kind, show yourself self-love."

Then I look at my arm the word ...

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courageemotional painheartbreakLasting Hopeself-lovestrength

Begin anew

A walk through memory lane?

What is there to gain

From reliving this pain?

Turn the corner and step into a new avenue


False hope, failure, shame,

Got me going insane 

End the death sentence - fullstop.

Indent and begin a new paragraph 







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Lasting Hope

A letter to you...

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For fourteen years
all that I was known
was that I had a mother
I didn't know of.
And all I knew of her
was her name.
Then there came that day
when I was told of you both
but only because of her,
because she made a decision
to tell me so.

So, now I take this time
to write you both this letter.

A letter to you both,
to my brother and to my sister
who I just came to heard of,
to whom...

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brother and sisterLasting Hopelettermother

Poem: Lasting Hope (sequel to New Age Spirituality)

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~~Satan is a defeated foe
although he continues to fight -
For we are more than conquerors,
as soldiers in God's army of Light.

His earthly authority has been weakened
since Christ now possesses the keys of Death and Hell;
so we're to prayerfully "stand in the gap"
as we in His Presence strive to dwell.

Our lasting Hope is embodied by Christ alone;
He died to prove His Love as a frien...

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