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Take a loss as a lesson learned

[ ] Never take a loss in your life, but a lesson learned. 

[ ] Respect, like money is usually not given, but earned.

[ ] Don't always stand on what you believe, but what you know hard & firm. 

[ ] To believe is not facts, but opinions that can be gaslighted, twisted, & turned.

[ ] Freeze the negative and let the positive burn.

[ ] Pray for guidance, understanding, & the sp...

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life lessonsIf? hopeless feelings down depressionprayerWisdom

Dear Diary

Lonely,but never alone , courtesy, of these voices,
Drowning out , my natural thought process,
affecting, how I make choice's.

Controling my mind, totaly possessed,
Punishing me for what? Disturbing my rest.

In fact I'm so controlled ,that all my life I've been unaware,
Didn't know ,any different, assumed they were suppose to be there.

Intrusive in voluntary thoughts
no filters in my...

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mental healthaloneIf? hopeless feelings down depression


I hate the arguging and the cursing 

The fist fights using words and

The long walk through the fire aint no beach over here 

Its just a pilliar of mixed emotions waiting to get knocked down

Im not gone hold it up lets see how long faith keeps it up

Now im the one laying with a frown

You disappointed fine i get it but that dont mean you dont tell the shopkeeper wassup

You still...

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lovelessIf? hopeless feelings down depressionwaitingmisunderstood

Fears of being rotten to the core


Here I sit with a candle lit

As I rest and wait to commit.

To a life of blue skies and angels,

As I try to ignore the pain sensation.

Whilst being overcome with isolation.


Trying in vain to think of happy thoughts,

As the devil looks on and applauds,

And laughs and jeers right in my face,

Since he knows that he is winning the race,

As he picks up a faster pace.


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DepressionIf? hopeless feelings down depressionisolationmoodssad poemsvoices

Learning to live, without loving you

You confessed your love for me so soon
Brought light into my dark seedy life 
You had my heart, as the stars have the moon 
But you've ripped it apart like paper to a knife 

I cannot continue this path much longer 
For my efforts are always dismissed 
I'm weakening where you are stronger 
I've been at my knees since we kissed 

I beg of you to loosen your grip 
Let me go and tend to my...

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LoveromanticismIf? hopeless feelings down depression







stops me in my tracks

too many times

'protects' me

from risk-taking

paints the whole picture

of potential calamity

then plays it back to me

in surround sound

 nicam stereo





has o.c.d. as its default setting

tells me constantly

to check

and check again

before taking any ...

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If? hopeless feelings down depression

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