Amy Johnson

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Penetrating through soft light clouds: airspace; blended for all who dare to impress.
Assiduous Amy Johnson did just that: a derring-do role model: a legacy;
relative in the minds of many that still lives on.
Renowned for her solo flight: London to Australia in 1930.
Transcended the hitherto, male domination, seizing world-recognition.
Flying away from ground possessions, flying amongst the sky-road directions.
Craved for more adrenaline; G-AAAH flight, enduring all weather formats;
monsoon rains, tremendous heat, nothing deflated her sentiment. 
Intelligent, pioneering English Aviator, she made a household name in the commonwealth.
Well deserved acceptance, she arose to fame, like a famous movie star;
no stranger to publicity nor to the camera.
Yet, sadly, her plane came down; controversial circumstances overlapped.
Will we ever find out the truth about how our beloved Amy Johnson died?

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Paul Sayer

Sun 26th Jul 2020 21:57

Maria, I can't help but notice there is a slight resemblance between the two of you.

You are both very photogenic. This could be a case of when two became one.... Don't go doing any solo flights!

An interesting write.

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Sun 26th Jul 2020 19:25

Hi Maria, I bet her father later regretted the events, and even more so having stumped up the funding from his considerable assets eh?
A lass who literally went down in history.

No doubt still doing the ghostly rounds with Amelia Earhart of the day.

Poignant piece.

P. 👍

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