Biplanes Attack!

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Biplanes Attack!

The roar of the Nazi automatic guns

That threw their exploding flak shells

Mixed with the shout of our engines

And bone dry rattle of our machine guns

Gave the French battle scene life

As we strafed and bombed our enemy

To give our troops more time

Our biplanes were made to fight the last war

Not a Blitzkreig but a target was a target

We went after the bastards all the way

Our six Hawker Hector biplanes still had teeth

Four yellow painted 125 pound bombs

And two small machine guns aimed by both crew

City of Manchester Squadron grabbing their chance 

Aircrew of the Royal Air Force serving King and Country 

In the darkest hour as the Nazi war machine came

Seemingly unstoppable and utterly invinsible

Except when the RAF biplanes attacked...


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<Deleted User> (18980)

Fri 20th Apr 2018 17:23

A good story Nick. I was surprised that a bi-plane was used in WW2

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