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Falling apart

You were supposed to be my knight in shining armour

You were supposed to prove them all wrong

Cause back then you were young, and dumb, and stupid

But now you are old enough

To know that you can’t be out here breaking hearts

I guess that’s where we fell apart

I was too busy trying to protect us

And you just didn’t care at all

Making me look foolish over and over again


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A Fool

I am not a fool for loving you.
I am not a fool for trusting you.
I am not a fool for giving you
everything that I had.
A fool is not what I am
and a fool is who I shall not be.

It is what you've become
in this situation.

You are the fool for not loving me
the way I deserved to be loved.
You are the fool for not being
the man that you needed to be.
You are the fool for letting me g...

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Playing with the heart

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What I thought was true is now a lie.
What I thought was real is now a fake.
What I felt for you is still the same
as I feel for you now.
Everything that I've said
and felt for you was true.
Never once was any of it a fake.
But, for you this was nothing but, a silly old game.


You had played me so well;
you'd must of done it before.
You had left my mind and heart

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