Playing with the heart

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What I thought was true is now a lie.
What I thought was real is now a fake.
What I felt for you is still the same
as I feel for you now.
Everything that I've said
and felt for you was true.
Never once was any of it a fake.
But, for you this was nothing but, a silly old game.


You had played me so well;
you'd must of done it before.
You had left my mind and heart
to think one thing when none of it was real.
You had built up my hopes and dreams
then you came and crushed it all.
You had told me that you'd loved me
and that you would keep me safe,
but now I known that wasn't the case.
You had made me look a fool.


Though I should of known. I should of seen this coming.
I should of known that I'm not one that someone loves.
I should of known that this could never be.
I should of known but I was blinded by "Your Love."


Oh, how could I've been so foolish?
How could I've let myself love
for something that wasn't true nor real?

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