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Argument with a Fool

He seeks no answer

Yet he asks to seek a fight

It's just not worth it

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Foolish Pleasures

Sending that text in the midst of anger

Waiting for love in the rain

Watching TV in the bedroom so late

That your eyes start to smart with the strain.


Eat chips, drink wine, eat more cake in the dark

Smoke when your chest’s sounding rough

Watch scary movies with only one eye

Lie awake imagining stuff.


Answer the land-line, though it’s a cold caller

Go out in th...

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compensatory delusion

a kindest gesture
above all others 
received gratefully 
was to be shown the door
leaving behind a pillared 
image of affection; 
gloved, pugilistic,
guarded stance
holding no sacred
ground -impugned
zero rated disuse;
here it all unravels:
of what benefit is
this grossly overpriced
monstrosity of a car
or these now stained 
designer threads
had you cared less
we’d end up here

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