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Telling the Truth is Now a Hate Crime

The Fascists aren’t coming to burn books in the square,

That was then, in the war, it could never happen here,

The Fascists are coming to arrest mother and me,

Because once, as a child, I dared ask a big question,

The Fascists are coming to arrest my mum,

For telling me the facts of life,

The Fascists are coming, because they’ve heard a rumour,

That I asked of my mother “w...

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Facing the world through his single myopic eye

Cyclops could not see the depths of perspective

those essential details that are there for you & I


The fixed stare from his unnatural gaze alarmed one & all

pity that poor guy with no balance in his views of life

can he help being a fascist with a mind so very small?



May2nd 2014

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"Peaceful Ukraine, Peaceful Maidan"

Peaceful citizens in the peaceful Ukraine.

Peaceful hard hats on the peaceful heads,

Peacefully breaking the slavers chain

Peacefully fight and protest.


If one is not peaceful, there’s no place here.

Peaceful slogans and peaceful “Hooray”

Peacefully kicking without a fear

Those who happened to fall on the way.


All is so peaceful, so white and so fluffy.


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