A Journey Forward

A Journey Forward


I do not fear being carried aloft

with all cares cast aside with me enwrapt

Sprinkled with holy water to cleanse

with clouds of incense to uplift

My departure will be as silent as time spent

to fly on the wings of angels to him who sent me

No regret shall accompany this onward journey

only the bells that ring the memories of times past

Farewell mor...

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Write out Loud

Write out Loud


I sit in my corner and write by day or night

poetry and prose for people who are out of sight

For three years I have happily written

to eventually have become well and truly smitten


I write to receive the comments of others

many of whom have become sisters and brothers

Some live many leagues beyond the seas

but it is almost as if I can hear them sne...

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This Friday

This Friday


We depart but have no destination

lost we harbour no hope for the future

We have abandoned all that was given

to pursue the worthless and uncertain

We deceive ourselves and others with us

no answers or alternatives come our way

We engage in animosity and hostility

with backs turned against love and acceptance

We believe we are masters of our own destiny


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A New Fabric

A New Fabric


A thread weaves itself through a fabric of chaos

it loops and knits in intricate deceit

A pattern emerges of despair and hoplessness

no seamtress can unravel its folds

The quality of material is evidently flawed

the tapestry needs to be started afresh

New colours with a design to attract

will bring a new clientele to buy

A fabric more resilient and fire...

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In order to write one must read

as to read is food for the empty mind

Vocabulary and syntax come together

on the pages of a book to point the way

Writing requires persistence and regularity

a daily assidious application of discipline

There can be no faltering or excuses

pen and ink will beckon you there

Two thousand words every day

in diaries, letters or ...

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I met a Lady today.....

I met a Lady today.....


I met a lady today for the very first time

She appeared sedate and composed

A sadness had been drawn across her weathered face

At first she caught my eye as she sat close to me

We were part of a much larger group

I suppose she must be a little older than I

Occasionally there was the flicker of a smile

She was attentive to her surroundings and co...

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ora pro nobis

ora pro nobis


From the incessant drone of bombers above there was no respite

For we Berliners it was every day and every night

The whistling and screaming of falling bombs as they fell

Conjured up scenes of a burning, unforgiving hell


One alert brought the flying fortresses, glistening in the sun of the sky

Then as if by stealth Lancaster bombers came by night again to ...

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The Harp of Summer´s Joy

The Harp of Summer´s Joy


The wiley mists of Spring open their desire for the chalice of warmth

Summer is on the horizon as a ball of incandescent  welcome

The trumpets of Spring herald the strumming harp of summer´s gladness

New waves caress the shores of our native homeland

Coming forever closer with a gentle crest to settle on untroubled sand

The skies are a vault of gushi...

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Born a Criminal

Born a Criminal


The voice of anger and fury cries out

because before the age of eighteen years I could not come out

I entered this life as a new born criminal

because I was less than socially minimal


I was born in a distant and darker time

where to be Gay held a different rhyme

I crept about in obscure places for love

but it only came from He who is above



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