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The thought of you alone, only a spirit no physical mechanisms to communicate although I suppose you thought that through?

Maybe you were born knowing and it was your purpose a secret between God and you 


Maybe you tried so hard to ignore the pain 

Scared of your thoughts fears of insane

Did you know something that no-one else did 

Had this planned since you were a kid ?


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This Flower

This Flower


We were alive

And how we blazed

With youthful potential

You will never forget our scent

The way the sunlight caught us growing

The way we settled together

With your messages of hope and strength

Writ large and defiant with remembrance

The way the dew fell from us

Like teardrops on a northern street

Each of us unique

Drawn together

Into a sing...

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you can count the days
pain in our hearts
somethings missing
things aren't the same
funny how life
can be so cruel and strange
hold on to the memories
create the image in our head
sometimes it's a blurr
heart remembers feelings
better then the brain
remembers scenery
deepest cut is loss
but they're never lost forever
the heart grabs a hold
while the brain try's to forget
but every ...

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loss of life

Coffin Ships of the Modern Age


Fading from the News... Issues still relevent... Posted 7 Seconds Ago


Coffin Ships of the Modern Age

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh


Fading from the news, the issues of refugees, either economic or political dying in the Mediterranean are still relvent and must be kept alive until the issue is sorted.


Its just news, another raft or ship
Upended, ...

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Natalie is a unique lady who we can all identify with. She's a warrior woman who fought in the Malvinas/Falklands war and was badly wounded. Many of her friends were murdered for having different views, they were a few of The Disappeared. Over time she believes in peace and moves away from war. Natalie has a goth band and a red stunt aeroplane both called Mayo. Check Nat's story out. She ...

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