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Left behind

Gone but never forgotten, is what they love to say,

but those waves will still hit, like nuclear shit,

Since the day we parted ways.


Just like that radioactive breath, that rots us to the core,

And eats us away, day by day, until once was becomes no more.


See the peace for you becomes my pain, your dreams became my twisted reality,

For the agony that you leave behind, will live vicariously through me.


Your long lost breathes of relief now, would haunt my memories until the end,

And I’d live regret evermore, knowing that I couldn’t save my friend.


Your face would haunt my every thought, your voice would always remind,

Me that you could feel like the loneliest, emptiest fool in the room,

But there is always somebody, left behind.


Left behind to suffer, for your actions at least,

To live the pain you leave in wake,

To drag their feet through pain and grief,

Left to relive their biggest mistake.


That’s a cruel fate, don’t you think it is?

As selfish as it seems…

That the cost of your very own relief,

Tears apart everyone else from the seams.


And perhaps I’m being selfish here,

For thinking that you’d stay,

If I remind you that the consequences, will never go away.


And perhaps it’s cruel of me not to want,

To bring absolute relief to your pain…

But I can promise you, that things can change, if you’ll only just refrain.


A permanent solution to a temporary problem,

To transcend, is to condemn not yourself, but all those that you love,

To a life of pain and regrets and grief,

While you helplessly watch from above.


But I know how hard it can be, simply to live some times,

And that consuming pain for you might last forever…

But if you take my hand, and say that you’ll live,

Then we can ride out those toxic waves of doubt, hand in hand, right now, together.


loss of lifegriefsuicide held at baythose left behindlovefriendship

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