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Natalie is a unique lady who we can all identify with. She's a warrior woman who fought in the Malvinas/Falklands war and was badly wounded. Many of her friends were murdered for having different views, they were a few of The Disappeared. Over time she believes in peace and moves away from war. Natalie has a goth band and a red stunt aeroplane both called Mayo. Check Nat's story out. She ...

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It Costs Nothing


It costs nothing to feel the sunshine,

to watch the smiling Moon…

Those gifts from heaven are so fine,

The beauty of nature is a divine tune.


Showers of rain costs nothing,

Gentle wind is also free…

Sweet songs of birds are touching,

Meeting nice people is a glee.


We enjoy the sunsets and the dawns,

We breathe the air without a fee,

We a...

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I ask how soon I will become nothing. When my sentiments tear me apart and bounce around my head like cannon balls from a faded war. I want to know so much more than what I’ve learnt in my forty years on this screwed up world, yes people do matter. If they didn’t, there would be no humanity, would there.


I want to go to Auschwitz and see where a millio...

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