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Shining ever so bright
a beacon of hope, like a chinese lantern
photosynthesis get' me through the night
beauty so divine, i wonder if i could map her
would the geometry show me the light?
because she must be god's best work

my third eye look through the peephole
how can she not have walls up when she deals with these people
guide me, be my mentor
would you take my hand, and put this flow...

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in your essence I sense resplendence
could do no wrong by me, your personably impressioned defendant
your honor is what I strive for
it's why the day turns to night, sun and moon argue back and forth
fight about what's wrong and who's right, tug of war
light bends but doesn't break, shines through the prism, and is perceived in different waves

I met you once but my memory is starting to fade...

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Calder Valley will rise again (a poem in solidarity)

For those affected in Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas..

When you look out the windows
To see the flood
And when the clean up begins all is left is mud
When the sun starts to shine through the rain
The Calder valley shall rise again

When businesses are ruined 
In just one night
When the damage is permanent
No end in sight
When it's hard to be optimistic
Let me explain:
The Calde...

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I am 
3rd generation quarter 
With Irish blood
In the world I live in
I hope for more good
But We are surrounded
By constant

I hope for the day we end this situation
For all race religion and orientation.

As We are the nation
Controlled by old fashioned traditions
Although they have been transitions
Hatred still gets the last word
And I find that absurd
As ...

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equal opportunitiesPoem

The Northen Lass

Teacher stood Saying Marie converse in verse 😳

Eh said I, This class is hell its the worse 

I can't write or talk Petry and all that crap stuff

bugger this I thought I've had just about enough

I went to toilet then ran all way home that day

I hate bloody poetry,  not doing it, no way😒

Next day on detention I had to write a verse

I tried saying I was ill, I needed the school nu...

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Not me, dont judge

Because I wrote it dont judge, its not me

I wrote lots about the killer look i am still free

A poem calls out in my head 

I write fast flowing then put it to bed 

Any subject i am known to write 

From love in an disused mine

To the ups and downs of a swine

Read me enjoy me but please 

Its not me, i just like to tease 

Enjoy the poem dont take it to heart

As specially ...

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Drowning in the Drought

Drowning in the Drought


At times I drip with poetry

The words simply pour out of me

A flow it seems no dam could ever stop


Until, I’m drowning in the drought

A flood of tears and mere self-doubt

That withers, in the barn, my finest crop.



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Surreal Canvas

entry picture

Through the cuts of snares, nothing to rest till the evening swallows, these counterband thoughts, so wicked and hollow, that they make my heart full of pulse and out they go and strums the kingdom of never coming down boost, never to be me

so chased by gates that alter the heights, and by memories that sweep, or of a different time, whichever came first, only I was speeding against the horns o...

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dadadreamscapepoemPoetrySurreal poetry

Lady Liberty

Staring into the East

I can see you stumbling back to me.

The stench of oil on your breath like liquor,

blood money lines your pockets like lint.

Terror color codes hang from your eyelids

the same way nooses hung from trees.


Watch the bodies ebb and flow

as they sway in the breeze.

Arms tatted up with childhood images of your

American dreams but

your body has bec...

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