The Black voice is electrifying.


Bringing forth worlds never imagined,

From dominions in Africa to mystical spheres unheard of.

Telling tales of majestic beings, kings, queens and the simple Black girl next door.


The Black voice. Telling Black stories.


We need Black literature because it shows

That our stories matter.

That our histories are worth sharing.

That our voices are loud enough to be heard.


We need Black authors to write freely.

Not just for a whole race but for the individuals.

Presenting the diversity, mystery and unity of the Black voice.


We need Black children to read role models.

To believe they’re fully capable of being because

They 'read it in a book once'.


We need Black writers to know that their words are


Keeping them writing and refining no matter how “un-marketable” the work is deemed.

To stay true to that inner voice.


We need black voices.


By Faith Olajuyigbe.

For full post and more, visit: Why We Need BLACK Voices | Celebrating Black Literature + Reading List

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Greg Freeman

Thu 8th Oct 2020 16:06

Well said, Faith. Thanks for the link as well.

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Faith Olajuyigbe

Thu 8th Oct 2020 13:28

Hey all, just written this post for Black History Month here in the UK! Please share your thoughts 😁

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