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February 2020 Collage Poem: Don’t Go Down that Street

entry picture


There’s a rumour going round that street

Pushing past their little destinies


Caught short Shakespear relieved himself against the corn sheaves

The fox startled bit the leg of the harvest jigger


The painting has little time to dry, as poets' pens begin.

To take down a street of music, blended to new worlds of rhyme.


Underneath the moon

The rabbit did not sto...

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2020Collage PoemFebruary

Ekphrastic Visions - February 2019 Collage Poem

entry picture

Helix barriers all over the world

Riddles flow through digital death traps

What is a man now with no cheap cigars

A mad dead love of afterthoughts gone


Mad Tony's hologram cycles around the

Lanes of South Wales as Alexa 

Shouts "Give us 20 pence!"


Ooh! I can see Winnie the Pooh

In The wardrobe!


The candle, the book, and the wardrobe;

Wet washing and dag...

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Collage PoemEkphrasisFebruaryStockport WOL

February 2018 Collage Poem - Running with the Wild Wind

entry picture

Various forms, jump into sestinas

with withering winds and eager ancestors

A room with no windows shakes and rattles

It holds inside a madman singing of

Man's Fall.


From man back to monkey

With a wave of Mr Wizard's Wand

That cruel hateful yellow star

Kissing chaos: my man is not ill

Tasting the salt, feeling the bullets


He disappointed his ancestors,

as ...

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collagefebruaryStockport write out loudwild wind

February 2017 Collage Poem: Mythology

entry picture

Lost in transition

Your words carried like a brief encounter

Emotion is the monster hiding outside the walls


Gangreen in suburbia and skinned alive

With donkey ears! Good Gods!


Occupations occupy stations on the wall

Barrymore paints the myths of time

To hang in Manchester as a quiet man

Tells of lost love.


Sonnets to art leave us lost


There's rumo...

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CollageFebruaryMythologyStockport Art Gallery

February Collage Poem: Cages

entry picture


Barely living through the dance of night

Tiger-stripe trapeze in savage growl


Swiss diligence with eerie eyes


From corridors of incandescence

To alleyways of guttered candles

Room with nothing but lonely memories


Ghosts, horror, the present, the past.

Everything changes. Nothing changes

Memories and wishes.


Two children play in the ashes


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CagesCollage PoemFebruary

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