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twilight verbosum

dimly lit before dusk, i sharpen my wit on my entropy bestowed husk

my volcano glass heart pumps through my black ice veins

headless horseman with, lumps of coal ahead, hanging off of his reins

so many gifts, treats tilting out, self slain while ego remains

the moons silhouette looms in the daylight as the sun rays;pulling me deep into my worst of days.

frozen comets and craters, ...

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Evening Light

An almost mystic silence

descends on the lambent, lamb bent,

lamb bobbing fields


as the West sinking sun

leaves an early evening light,

the day has almost passed:

the bright pale green of the new larch buds

the rusty pink brown of the budding almond

the gold of a burgeoning dog wood

are set against

the solid darkness of a solitary fir tree

the soft clouds in a...

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Cambrian MountainsCeredigionduskeveningfarmslambslightsunsettwilightWales


I survey the beauty of the lake
in the Spring evening sunshine.
In a far-off corner the rippling
of the water reveals a silent breeze,
while the liquid surface before me
retains its silent harmony.

The bursts of bird song
fill the twilight space,
while in the distance
a goose lets out its harsh cry,
and the call of the grebe,
and the silence of the swan
fill the half-light.

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Twilight Reclusive

When the night doth come, weary follows distantly. 

Toiling farther from the dawn with each passing sunset, offers not the distraction so sought out by its woeful captor.

With worried mind and worried soul and yearning for slumber. Not for rest, but for release. 

Relentless is the repeat of ruminating reasoning. Soul wrenching speculation scews sensibility, until slowly and sluggishly sle...

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breathing in the dusk

entry picture

breathing in the dusk

bonfire permeates failing light
on this humid August night
midges cloud the air in flight
amassing as they dance and bite

the ghostly moon yet to rise
haunts the pale indigo skies
a rook upon a wire cries
failing breath as summer dies

heavy mist on stubbled corn
scarecrow’s jacket ripped and torn
path to orchard frayed and worn
twilight bleeds across the law...

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creatures of the nightduskend of dayenglish countrysidefaytwilight

Twilight Delivery

entry picture

I used to help my sons with their early morning paper rounds. What follows is as a result of this and a keen eye, ears & immagination...



The flashing light. Like the call of a distant beacon in the misty, grey dawn signals from across the deserted embankment. It's silent message calling out to a world still wrapped in the strong arms of slumber. Only the g...

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