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Not A Poem, I Just Don't Want To Forget.

I had that dream again
Same place different time
I asked Chris if we can have a minute so he exited, stage right
We were laying and I was holding you so damn tight like if I let go you'd float away.

Wood was falling from the roof and it was coming straight for your head
It probably would have killed you but I stopped it and saved you instead
You were so relieved we both started crying and I ...

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Be The Adult You Would Have Wanted To Be

They look at me like I'm the problem
and the cause of their boredom
and who knows
maybe in some ways I am.
I was a teenager once
bemoaning the lack of activities to get involved in
because opportunities were slim
and money was always tight
we had no Internet
to check through what's on listings
or you tube videos to learn new skills


I remember a lack of positive role models

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Oh what express – what

The empty page beautiful, blank like fallen snow waiting for a life to touch it.

(Sigh) The blankness mocks me. 

I long so to stain the page beyond the compass blades summit with ideas that encompass more than lands distance. 

Oh, to etch the slate with important gravity that excavates through touching everything above and below and without effort imposing itself on every thread that spin...

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Aurora Slept for Hours

Showered by the stars,

Snuggled next to Mars,

While cradled in the arm of the moon

Aurora slept for hours.


Dreams attached to comet tails

Run with reckless speed, full sails

To distant shores and pirate tales

Aurora slept for hours.


Away with the days troubles by sword and plank

Where men were judged by the ale they drank,

And the guilty without guilt where ...

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The Pessimist

A man, a philosopher thought he.

Decided to make a statement, you see.

To proclaim that he was an optimist.

And trying to make a believer of me,

This, simply said he:

"The world has to many pessimists."

I concluded, a philosopher or an optimist -

Neither was he.

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Forgot to Water

entry picture













to water

my writing

so now many

words have













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Humorous versePoemShape

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Kill the winter - Sun shine on

Melt the snow - Reveal the dead

Free the hammer and chisel from the stone

Reveal the ground to free my head


Let me feel - Let me see - Everything stop glistening

Let the melting set me free - Budding branches on the tree

Kiss the world - Breakthrough flowers

Illuminate what’s devoured

Warm the waking - warm the growing hour - Illuminate t...

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Bullets from the soul (New Year's Resolutions)

Dodging and ducking,

Running and jumping,

Spinning down...

Life has caught a spirit.


A moment has caught a life,

A lifetime changed in a moment.

A child who is the man,

The man who was the child.


Climbing and sliding,

Loving and losing,

Falling down...

Bullets invade the man.


A soul is invaded by a bullet,

A bullet that came in a moment,

A m...

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Autumn Changes Me

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Autumn changes me

I grow stiff as a tree

The falling memories

Are piling all around me

And my color changes

Emptying into grey

I feel broken and cold

As the November rain

Turns into December Snow

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