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Cauterized wire heart

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Everything is too damn dollars
Pills swallered'
Tar shot up
We snot up crusty mornings
Spent in mourning
Miss you Skeeter
Open coffin never stopping words we flossing
Learn to be a boss and casually deal with loss
Find your cause, a little bit of it, bite in the hip of it,
don't let go
Take a ride, see the show, you could die tomorrow,
who knows?
Don't skip the snow cones, lots of syru...

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Bipolar disorder. Mental healthmedication

Just a teenager

Grind it
Pack it
Light it
Inhale it
Exhale it
And just like that
I feel lighter, calmer, happier
Even though, I am technically a criminal
But in reality, I am just a teenager
I’m just a teenager that needs a break from the
mental health issues that seem to rattle around 
my overcrowded skull




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Heart Beat

Listen to the ticking clock
and witness me take another breath.

Listen to the rhythm of
my life
and tell me to turn back to the last channel.

But allow the vibrating bass to
remind you that this  
song is what allows me to feel the tune
that I simply cannot hear with just my ears.

Watch me as I continue to live
with ever-changing favorite songs 
that all ...

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depressionmedicationmental health

Prescription Meditation

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The mental essentials
prescriptions to help us
Break the mold that is made for us ,
Dead or alive ,stories untold
Shallow individuals
Intrested in gold
The materialistic , the glamours are cold
With the evil besides us
and good surpressed in us
And fear of the unknown,
Potential untaped ,
Millions below us , the seven foot gap
Looks will be gone , but we are forever.
Embodied in  pict...

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My Muse Is Dead

Beige walls stand empty where original artworks once hung
A woman, beyond her years in mind and body, sits at her desk
Staring at a screen that, despite vast knowledge at her fingertips
Is empty
The cloud of cognizance that enveloped her has cleared
Ridiculed by those she trusted
"Over medicated"
No more pills
No more gange
Nothing to help control the demons within her mind
There is no feeling o...

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Medication that's what I need

I slip one in my mouth,

It melts. 


I lick strawberry lips.

Kissed by magic.

It takes away my pain,

Senses numbed. 

Nothing seems to matter. 

Apathy takes a hold. 

25mg maximum dose.

Is it working?

I have no clue.

I have lost my inner self. 

I don't want to feel the pain,

But without it there's no escape. 

I want to taste the rainbow,

To r...

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There's no such thing 
as crazy is not sickness.

Conformity is suffocation. 

The pills kill the light, 
all else turns to dust 
and in the rain we all rust.

Lift it up, 
sweep it under, 
show the sun, 
no shame, no thunder. 

God forbid 
the rain should come. 
Can't waste time 
feeling the pain 

pick a box, pick a box 
they're all the same.



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in a corner of the room

daylight pools its last ripples

and she stands alone

afraid to step onto the shadow

that creeps towards her

afraid of the sly shuffle sound

that drags itself across the floor

or the mewling voice

that whispers its fears

and fantasies

so that when she blinks

the orange light

has dimmed

and the room sh...

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