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Being and Ridiculousness

In that book, Nausea, Jean-Paul Sartre’s
Antoine Roquentin gets kind of freaked
Out just looking at the root of a chestnut tree.
I thought it was pretty weird at first,
Because how can you get through life
If you freak out every time you see a
Tree root or some fool thing like a tree root?

You couldn’t go on, could you? It’d just be
One crisis after another until you went
Insane and did...

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Tell me woman, who is more honest:

The face who smiles, with bright murderers standing in lines,
covertly grinning, 'love exists, but in ways',

the face who cannot smile, even if it's smiling
as his beautiful eyes, now grown up flames, increasing their shape
in a strong kiss that bends two forests,

the face who lives through a fair winter
and claims, it hasn't cried
and the banks whe...

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Sob Story

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I’m not sure if anyone feels like this,
Like you wanted to sleep for a thousand years.
Or just not exist,
Or just not be aware that you do exist.

I am Happy.
I as Sad.
And I can’t still figure out why.

It's so strange because sometimes,
I think you need both to find peace
Like light and dark,
One can not exist without the other.

It’s much easier not to know things sometimes.
Not knowin...

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After Everyone is Dead

Everything that will happen has already happened.
This rain is making the grass greener and
these diseased birds are eating the garbage
from the ground.  God continues to text us
encouragement although standard messaging fees apply.

The streetlights will turn green even if
no one is there to drive away,
the bread will turn bad in the freezer
no matter how tightly you wrap it,
and I have...

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The Prime of Life

Why look for a pattern in the whole

And split the soul?

Some things just are.


I know when fate knocks

My socks off

I won’t ask why...

I’ll be very annoyed

But still- I’ll die,

Stop stock-still

Without a breath;

A fraction of a life,

A whole load of death.


Into myself and one

With the cycle of time;

I’ll become the prime.

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