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After Everyone is Dead

Everything that will happen has already happened.
This rain is making the grass greener and
these diseased birds are eating the garbage
from the ground.  God continues to text us
encouragement although standard messaging fees apply.

The streetlights will turn green even if
no one is there to drive away,
the bread will turn bad in the freezer
no matter how tightly you wrap it,
and I have a feeling the earth will continue
turning even after everyone is dead.

Heaven is too far to climb to with a ladder
and hell cannot have proper ventilation.

Worrying gives you wrinkles and sadness
makes you old and here is the reflection
of the moon in a puddle and here is the umbrella
the crazy man on the bus made
from coat hangers and a plastic bag,
and here is you and here is me and here is the earth
still spinning even after everyone is dead.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 21st May 2014 12:02

Love it. Just shoots out of nowhere but is totally capturing, with the humorous twist of the fatalistic mundane. Very clever, but still honest. Even 'here is you and here is I' is so grammatically funny it makes a great ending.

Ideas worth sharing and the skill to do it.

A Canadian! Brilliant!

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