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'The non believer '

The non believer  


So the nice man from Sandhurst with the shiny peak, went out in the mid-day sun.

I watched him climbing up the hill and walk down when his job was done.


So polite and well spoken was he, as eloquence thus dictates, to talk to the iman in the shed on the hill, who some both revere and hate.

“I simply told him the truth”, he went on,

“Reminding him of a co...

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armageddonDUImanpoppysthreat of deathwar

King of Armaggedon

Apocolyptic prophecies foretold

The revelation is revealed

The horsemen make their descent

The angels break the seals

A cataclysmic lunar event

The blackening of the sun

Arachaic scriptures speak

The final days have begun

Kingdoms are torn apart

The trumpets are blown

Each disaster worsens

The wretched are left alone

Angels are now demons

Meterorites incinera...

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January 2016 Collage Poem: The End of the World

entry picture


The closest I could find

to the end of the world


Pleasing package

under a crumbling roof


Reach for the magic button


Silent and bitter protest

with only one wish

no school


A chocolate mouth that's warm as wet


Hurting like Hell

Just a tearaway


Distant star, our world that ended.



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armageddonend of the worldJanuary Collage poem



“In the midst of life we are in death.”

The angels wonder why

mankind hangs on to pointless breath

refusing just to die.


Three score and ten, is but hors d’oeuvre

we take another bite.

Spare parts fitted with such verve

fend off that final night.


The reaper stamps a tapered toe

his whetstone rasps an oath.

Sickly, and senile, came when d...

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Why now do I look at the Tupolev 160 White Swan and Rockwell B-1B bombers in a new light? Taken aback at how pretty both jet bombers are. Their World War3 mission is a dark job, end of days stuff. Not to be taken lightly, unless you're Dr Strangelove.


Less people die when the American B-1 goes to war. Her nuclear mission is taken over by the B-52 and...

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americaarmageddoncold warnuclear bombersrussiasoviet unionworld war3 the end


entry picture


STRIKE dedicated to F-105 pilots and their nuclear mission. Cuba 1962 anyone?


I can finally say I feel a strong sense of duty and contentment as I do my job, all I ever trained for has come together when events bigger than me come to life. My job is to end life, not your’s but your counterpart in the East. Mr Ivan Ivanovich in his collective Soviet missile factory making his nuc...

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armageddonno mercynuclear strike fighternuclear warrepublic f-105 thunderchief

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