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grey sky drinking

I ponder the etiquette of nursing a pint

and whether some might find it impolite

if I made it last just little while longer that I

might watch the rain that crawls on the steamed windows

making broken ghosts of every passer by

each of them eager to avoid

catching the eye of the living and I wonder

which one of them broke winter’s heart such as to make it

so bitter

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Our House

I sometimes wander past the house where we used to live.

I park across the road and contemplate

the things we used to do.

As much as I stare I cannot see within

and even if I could

I’d only see the strangers who occupy our house.

I wonder if deep into the night

our voices from years ago

Might penetrate the years

and our echo may softly rebound

Across the walls we used...

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Ninety one Word Story of My Life











I was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas. I was taught that if you worked hard and tried even harder you could accomplish anything.

In some ways this is true. At the age of 26 I joined the army.

Even though my service from 1986-1988 was a little boring. I did something that at the time was unusual for a Woman. I served along side Men and pr...

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Difficult Haiku

To end life support

A difficult decision

Rest in peace Daddy

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Where The River Flows

Let the river of life take me wherever it will flow

Who knows which way destiny will blow?

Everything is written and we’re just passengers of fate

But step by step we go, towards the future we await


Let the tides take me where they will

And wash me up on some distant land

Near or far, for me it doesn’t matter

Just send me companions who will hold out their hand



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Love Life



In love, a delicious drowning feeling,

Where stillness surrounds us, contrasting

A movie-like, high speed madness around us,

Bypassing us, because our love is frozen in time,

Growing now like the first buds in a spring passion,

Our touch electric-like, brings us closer than skin,

So close, that our hearts beat like one heart,

So close, that we drea...

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If You Don't Like The Record -Change it!

If you hate your job


If you don’t like where you live


If you’re stuck in some kind of groove


If you don’t like the record

-Change it!


If you’re not happy outside

-go inside!

If you don’t like to drive


If you don’t want to be quiet


If you can’t bear to be still

-Shake it!


If your lif...

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RAGE OF INNOCENCE (All due respect to Dylan Thomas)


Do not go easy into that cruel plight,

Life-latency should, combination, stay;

Rage, rage against the prying of the light.


Though cells, prior to conjoin, accrue no right,

Un-right usurped un-bid, entreats that they

Do not go easy into that cruel plight.


Wild sperm who caught and shot the ovum’s flight,

And learned too late, now grieving on your ...

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lifeDylan Tparodyrage

The Spirit of The Tree

The gust of wind is ever so slight

But it lifts the seed on wings of air

And it is borne upon the breeze in flight.


The wind blows and gusts.

The rain washes and the seed is carried

to soft fingers of the earth, unhurried.


Nestling snugly in the earth

the seed slips deeper down,

Deeper into the earth.


Later a Green shoot appears


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There are many..., There are a few...

There are many of those with whom you can go to bed, There are so a few with whom you’d like to wake up, And in the morning to greet the day that’s ahead, With a smile to ask your love if it’s already a sunup.   There are many of those with whom you can just live, Drink in the morning coffee, talk and argue or debate, But … there are just a few to whom you can believe And...

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The Cat that lived Across the Road


Everything seemed in order, I suppose, to die

It was a warm enough day;



The sun shone and birds sung

Even though birds would cause a feline heart to race



I’ve had my fill of life

Of tit bits and cosy sleeps, sometimes in next doors shed



And I’ve had my chases and midnight hunts

And I’ve always remember...

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Ireland is death.                                                                                                                

Death is an island.                                                                                                            

Hope transmutes all.                                                                                                      ...

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The Prime of Life

Why look for a pattern in the whole

And split the soul?

Some things just are.


I know when fate knocks

My socks off

I won’t ask why...

I’ll be very annoyed

But still- I’ll die,

Stop stock-still

Without a breath;

A fraction of a life,

A whole load of death.


Into myself and one

With the cycle of time;

I’ll become the prime.

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prime numberstheoriesno answerdeathlifemathsexistentialism


The only thing in life is language

not love, not anything else

Not tears

not laughter

But those things may come after

It's words that matter

Because words come from deep within

because all our thoughts,

all our feelings,

are melted down inside our skin

and from our lips come words,


not love

Not anything else

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I’m not what it says on my passport

I’m not what the picture reveals

Deep inside is another me

Someone you cannot see


I’m not what it says on my badge

that picture is another me

He goes to work and makes all the money

The money he spends for me


I’m not what it says on the form

That’s nothing to do with me

And the reference number is just a num...

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This high brick wall borders East and West, a Cold War frontier that symbolises the divisions between two mindsets. A time of paranoia and of being taken away in the night, soldiers only following orders, you’re going to the East, not to be seen again as you’re an enemy of the state, Stassi style.

For those who resist and fight there is only one option, eliminate ...

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cold warberlin walleast v westgunslifedeathhistorygermany


What is life all about?

I haven’t got a clue

I’ve no idea

What I’m supposed to do


I feel like a passenger

In a bit of a state

I’m just bumbling along

A prisoner of fate


I sometimes wonder

And I need it explained

How life works

Is it preordained?


I’ve got no agenda

And no design

I keep on looking

But I can’t see any si...

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It Doesn't Matter

(Found the first 8 lines of this in an old notebook of mine from the 1970s so thought I'd finish it off. Bit of a difference though between my younger thought processes and my older ones!)


It doesn’t matter anyway

That something went unseen today.

Everything fades away.


It doesn’t matter anyway

That coastal waters washed away

Our footprints in the sandy bay

That yest...

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Neon Light

The cigarette smoke hangs heavy in the air.

Looks good in films

But in real life,

In this place it clings to you

Like a broken dream.


The neon beer light covers many sins

And many more failed lives.

In the corner sits a man,

Pondering if tonight

Will be his last.

Time for one more drink.


He won’t be the last to sit under this neon light.


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poemlifedeathfree versepoetry

Slow Time, Quick Time

Slow time, Quiet time

Is the way I’ve lived my life.

I’ve moved along at an even pace

Life is not a race.


Quick time, fast time

My life has picked up speed

Life is a midnight express train

And events are lonely stations passing quickly by


Slow time, quiet time

Is a pace I need again

Summers that last for ever

And friends that never grow ol...

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Neon Light

Playing with the idea of this place.Aplace which takes in lost souls..Is it a good place or bad place.

Time will tell.


The cigarette smoke hangs heavy in the air.

Looks good in films

But in real life,

In this place it clings to you

Like a broken dream.


The neon beer light covers many sins

And many more failed lives.

In the corner sits a man,


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poemlifedeathsmokepoetryfree verse

may it never, yet it does

the monsters used to live under the bed

now they walk the streets, most often,

with halos around their heads

cold sunbeams stiffen my hyphenated bones

and even singing does nothing

to evaporate the frosted water in my veins

splash my neck

slap my face

I’m sick of talking, I get no satisfaction

from my lower case hate

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Bite, fight, pick your nose, destroy the garden, tear your clothes,
pout, shout, spit your greens, scare your nana, cause a scene,
sick, kick, wet your pants, play with mud, set fire to ants,
smoke, toke, stay out late, upset police, go on blind dates,
worry, hurry, come to stay, call a doctor, waste your pay,
sigh, cry, cause a fuss, fork out for flowe...

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Poemlifeperformance poetry

Birthday Blues

We close our eyes gently and slowly

Wait for the narcotic niceties to be over

“Isn't it nice to just relax?” you say

“Hmmmm” I agree, letting my thoughts become dreamy


My birthday is over and it's time to release the stress

It has taken so long

Doubling up the pretence puts pressure on the present


Downstairs you carry out the Birthday autopsy


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Old Hammer Divine

My anxiety is like an ambush predator.

WHAM! I’m fucked...

...fight back!


It’s fucked.


Would you manage a year in my head?

Would you?

Could you?

Should you?


I think you should...


...if you’re man enough then inbox me.

Into my head you shall go...


A mirror image of my town.

Shame it’s not Be...

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Spring Tanka

A winter bite that

mocks the spring, pincers its cocoon.

A life supported?

Cease one's internal decay,

Even ice melts. Love's fluidity.

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WinterIceSpringThawCocoonMeltLifeMental HealthDepressionAnxietySelf-doubtLoveHonestySelf-beliefSelf-esteemNurturingNurtureSupportSupportingCareCaringLovingConsiderateCompassionCompassionateGrowGrowingPainSufferingLearnLearningDiscoverDiscoveryDiscoveringNaPoWriMo


When the dust and dirt

That lies on life's rugged road,

Gets displaced and dissipates

Under a titanic truckload.

When equal forces meet

They repeat, and unseat

Life's rhymic refrain,

Revolve and run on into a hurricane.


Forms a storm

That torments your brain.

Condensation collects like the pains.

White clouds turn to rain,

Floating far away,


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what crisis?

what crisis?


nowadays they have to pinch the ends

of their cigarettes before they cross the threshold

no longer allowed to herd the crumbling swarms

of ash across the gingham veldt


outside the window, on the pavement,  lies a bible

and the radio declares their readiness is high

seems like a good night to let the smokers

in and warm around a last ember...

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lifecurrent eventswardrinkboozelaissez faire

Traces of you

As I sit upon

This empty bed

White cotton frayed

From nights

That punctuate 

This thin veneer

Of wakefulness

I look for traces of you.

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It's easier not to love

Sometimes it’s better when you don’t have to love,
Easier when she just doesn’t give a fuck,
She said I didn’t play the pornstar, and that’s a good start,
But tonight we’ll agree neither of us have a heart.
And like a weight that’s been relieved,
Like new lungs still waiting to breathe,
There’s no pressure, or so I made myself believe.
So in the morning you can just get up and lea...

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My one day friend, Mark

  To Liverpool

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
On Vernon street
Off Dale street
I sat near the sidewalk
At the edge
Like a broken bridge
People were passing
With their robot walking
Sea gulls felt my pain
Also did the rain
And my one day friend Mark
Who heard the voice of gulls in my heart
And my desire to start
His frien...

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peaceLiverpoolLiverpool poetrymercysideriverpoetrylove poetrylove poemslifefriendshipfriends of the earthbe friends?old friendsmel my dear friendmysteriousMysteryfoggoodbyesJulie Goodyeargoodbye

The Bride of Necklace of Tales

By: Ali Taha Alnobani To the leaders of our world © 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
Thus the sea was
A bride who has a necklace of tales
A world of love
Dancing in dales
And a glass of wine
Sparkling of delight
In her loosely might
Blue and white
She was yours
She was mine
Thus love was
Two warm hands under a...

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Environmentprotecting the environmentearthnaturemotorways and nature lifeEcologyworldlifepeacewar to peacePeace Justice Woman Poewer


The wailing wind is in my breath

And in my dreams I see the silver moon

My smile is the face of the summer sun

And daybreak stirs my waking soul

When sadness comes my tears are one with the pouring rain

And the blood within my veins runs deep within these hills

This Earth is at the centre of the gift of life

And when I die she folds my bones within her arms


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The mighty planet Earth slowly turns on its own axis through space.

There is only one planet Earth with all its myriad forms of life.

A lot of this life has been here long before Man, so long before.

When Man came he was the hunter in skins and fur.

Today he is the hunted by his own kind and the skin is burned from his back.

The planet is never c...

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planet earthplanet in spacelifeman is violent

The Cocoon

The curtains a cocoon

which I have outgrown

crushing me

though I dare not venture out

my wings maimed

by an internal eternity.


Some days they open

as the sunlight shines

and snow falls

yet it remains a parallel world

a door to an unfamiliar universe

remains locked.


Even inside plates pile up

like a porcelain possum

they ...

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Peering through cigarette smoke


the balm of barometric exuberance.
This night
no longer young, dissipates.
a dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green.
revive severed umbilical dreams.
this present but fleeting acumen.
ceases yet emerges again tomorrow.
that kindling of autumnal reticence.
genial ki...

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[tarmac touch supply chain shackle

dead land sprung mixing

business flow pleasure

cargo fed artery drip



green belt boundary destination

misplaced motor-way expansion

catharsis false anatomy

road sweep strategy

cultural access invader hard shoulder


systematic appetite number

lowest common denominator

stamped queue disc...

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poemthe cityurbanizationModernlifeevolutionHumanityPeopleCommercialism

Rzhepicks 2013


No matter who,

No matter where,

No matter when,

It only matters why and what for.



Yesterday was early,

Tomorrow will be late,

Today I have no time.



You can’t train in a gym?

 You want to look young and slim?

Stay close to the old ones and fat.

There are many ways to skin a cat.



Sometimes I think:


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Man In The Mirror

On the other side of the mirror there’s another man like me

He seems to look just like me I have to agree

He’s another man with the same thinking process

He’s trying to move on, trying to make progress


He takes milk with his tea but only one sugar

And offer him coffee and he’ll tend to shudder

He likes computers and writing things

Mainly poems but whatever his ...

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Past Lives

I often wonder if I’ve lived before

And left this life but never closed the door?

I wonder if I’ve lived a different life before

Reborn to live and love again once more


I wonder if I’ve lived in ancient Rome

Or in war time London spent some time

Dodging V1s and Doodle Bugs

I can just imagine my lovers call when bombs begin to fall


That lover’s call in...

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former liveslifelove

Life is a Cuppa

Life in a Cuppa


Up to a point
pliant leaves will seep
into all its waters
until the cup overflows

so much as to stain
the meticulously starched table linen.
Then we shall face with reckoning
its true substance!





Please make your response or comment on my profile page. Thank you.

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That Place

In that place

The summers were always hot and the skies completely blue.


And in that place

Where nothing ever hurt me

A lie was never spoken; it was all completely true


In that place

When the morning sun spilled into my room and woke me

Then I’d be up and out and riding my bike


And in that place

The place where I’d be the fastest biker ever


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lifepastChildhood memoriesNostalgia

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