That Place

In that place

The summers were always hot and the skies completely blue.


And in that place

Where nothing ever hurt me

A lie was never spoken; it was all completely true


In that place

When the morning sun spilled into my room and woke me

Then I’d be up and out and riding my bike


And in that place

The place where I’d be the fastest biker ever

And nothing or no one could ever beat me or even come near, never


In that place

Where breakfast was my Mother’s porridge

And Dad would let me have the cream off the top of the milk

Even though he wanted it himself


And in that place

The games we’d play my brother and I

And the TV shows we’d watch and the fights we’d have and the tears we’d cry


In that place

Where happiness reigned and sadness lay defeated

It may as well been as if a hand had wiped everything clean


And in its place

Some other place and some other people

And all I knew has gone; vanished into space.

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 3rd Jan 2013 23:36

we are eternally searching to rediscover our own particular 'that place' and this poem really evokes those idyllic times which maybe only ever existed in our minds but were never more real to us. Great stuff. Bittersweet last verse brought a lump to my throat.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 3rd Jan 2013 22:18

oh those gone places and people eh Steve!
yet our sweet memories of them all come back to us in lovely poems like this!keep those valuable memories coming please!xx

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