If You Don't Like The Record -Change it!

If you hate your job


If you don’t like where you live


If you’re stuck in some kind of groove


If you don’t like the record

-Change it!


If you’re not happy outside

-go inside!

If you don’t like to drive


If you don’t want to be quiet


If you can’t bear to be still

-Shake it!


If your life is going the wrong way


If it’s time to look at things


If things are going too fast


-If it’s time to make a correction

-correct it!


So there’s my recipe for life

-Read it!

If you don’t like the look of it

-Burn it!

If you think it’s a mad idea

-Ignore it!

But if it works for you

-Then do it!


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Laura Taylor

Mon 28th Oct 2013 10:42


As someone who has made several life-changing decisions, including one which nearly cost me my life, I applaud the content! And I hope you sing it when you perform it :D

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Steve Higgins

Mon 28th Oct 2013 06:47

Thanks for all your comments guys and gals but I must confess that while this may be great advice . . .I have yet to follow it myself!

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 27th Oct 2013 21:50

I`d like to say Yup!

(but...if only?)

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John Coopey

Sun 27th Oct 2013 20:11

A mantra I myself aspire to, rather than expecting some other bugger to sort it out for you.

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Dave Bradley

Sun 27th Oct 2013 17:17

Interesting. Nice use of words and flow to the poem. And yes, done it. Sometimes. But only sometimes.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 27th Oct 2013 15:28

Sock it to world. Yes! Great theme and well presented. Great choice of title -maybe because it can also be ambiguous.

Would you consider 'Slow down'?

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 27th Oct 2013 15:18

A useful code for getting by! But it takes nerve
to change direction and that isn't always easy.
No wonder so many poems moan about what IS - rather than what COULD BE.

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