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It's easier not to love

Sometimes it’s better when you don’t have to love,
Easier when she just doesn’t give a fuck,
She said I didn’t play the pornstar, and that’s a good start,
But tonight we’ll agree neither of us have a heart.
And like a weight that’s been relieved,
Like new lungs still waiting to breathe,
There’s no pressure, or so I made myself believe.
So in the morning you can just get up and leave,

Just leave me, like the door on it’s hinges,
Like tenement ten times used syringes,
Like the homeless trapped in a cardboard hell,
Like the genius locked in a padded cell.
Leave me, like the stains on the linen,
Like the day we wasted only to begin again,
Like a war drum in a hard shell case,
Leave as the cloud of heat dissipates, that covered your face.
Leave me like the second half of your cigarette,
Like a regret you just want to forget.
Leave me here, like oceans trapped in shells,
Walk away from this clanging death knell.
Leave like the EUs integrity,
Fly like Cypriot money out the country.
Leave like evicted families that face the axe,
Under unfair cuts like the bedroom tax.

I used to be a romantic,
Now it’s more like turning a trick,
Realities split, personalities twist,
Truth can be sick, like a child’s slit wrist.
Laid out on the floor,
Like the soul of a whore,
If we wanna have fun,
There are things we have to ignore.
Here we write our own law,
And there’s nothing to stay for,
You’ve found your clothes, now find the door,
I’ll collect my thoughts, and get off this awful floor.


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<Deleted User> (6315)

Mon 1st Apr 2013 19:33

Really, really good.. :0

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Freda Davis

Sun 31st Mar 2013 21:54

Ha ha, nice ending. This poem hovers between rap and more traditional styles of poetry. There are a lot of thoughtful lines, and a few rhymes that were just for the sake of a rhyme maybe? I like 'leave me like the second half of your cigarette/ Like a regret you just want to forget. '

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