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Patricia and Stefan Wilde on Don't (Sun, 26 May 2013 12:35 am)



Bite, fight, pick your nose, destroy the garden, tear your clothes,
pout, shout, spit your greens, scare your nana, cause a scene,
sick, kick, wet your pants, play with mud, set fire to ants,
smoke, toke, stay out late, upset police, go on blind dates,
worry, hurry, come to stay, call a doctor, waste your pay,
sigh, cry, cause a fuss, fork out for flowe...

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Outside My Window


The perfects fill their car again.
Rucksacks and waterproofs,
Pocket maps and walking boots.
Photos Facebooked like safari trophies.
After a Sunday abseiling down The Matterhorn,
they return to rustle up
a Mongolian Banquet or two.
"It's easy really as long as you've got the right ingredients."
Bedtime stories quell the quins
like their publ...

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