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I’m not what it says on my passport

I’m not what the picture reveals

Deep inside is another me

Someone you cannot see


I’m not what it says on my badge

that picture is another me

He goes to work and makes all the money

The money he spends for me


I’m not what it says on the form

That’s nothing to do with me

And the reference number is just a number

Nothing to do with me


I’m not what it says on the card

Listen to me, not my credit card

I’ve got a heart and soul and blood in my veins

Yet numbers are all you can see


So what it says on my passport doesn’t matter

And it’s the same for my driving license

I don't care what it says on your data base

I’m just a member of the human race!


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Tue 30th Jul 2013 01:56

Yup, good read! Simple but effective in addressing a common fault of modern living. Everything is planned and orchestrated by accountants now. Shame shame shame.

Best wishes


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Rose Casserley

Mon 29th Jul 2013 22:46

enjoyed this one Steve.Thanks matey.x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 28th Jul 2013 23:05

loved where this is coming from Mr.H. xx

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