What is life all about?

I haven’t got a clue

I’ve no idea

What I’m supposed to do


I feel like a passenger

In a bit of a state

I’m just bumbling along

A prisoner of fate


I sometimes wonder

And I need it explained

How life works

Is it preordained?


I’ve got no agenda

And no design

I keep on looking

But I can’t see any signs


So all I can do

Is proceed ahead

Keep on going

Till I wind up dead



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M.C. Newberry

Sun 21st Jul 2013 23:28

Ha! Know the feeling.
At the beginning there ain't no sinning,
But we wind up dead when ours sins are red.

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Sun 21st Jul 2013 15:56

Love this too.

<Deleted User> (10832)

Sun 21st Jul 2013 13:07

Keep on going till you wind up dead. That's one way of getting thro the day I suppose.

I sometimes think to myself that life isn't everything - in fact I think I should write some song lyrics about that.

Thanks for the inspiration. I will try not to plagurise you.

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