The only thing in life is language

not love, not anything else

Not tears

not laughter

But those things may come after

It's words that matter

Because words come from deep within

because all our thoughts,

all our feelings,

are melted down inside our skin

and from our lips come words,


not love

Not anything else


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 8th Aug 2013 12:37

yep!works for us big guy!xx

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Steve Higgins

Wed 7th Aug 2013 09:42

Thanks Isobel. I was reading a book about Richard Burton and hes quoted as saying 'the only thing in life is language' and thats what started me off. Actions are important of course but the root of our speech and what we say has always fascinated me.

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Wed 7th Aug 2013 09:29

And that's where I'd disagree, though I used to think like this.

It's our actions that really count - words can sound very pretty - but it's what we do that makes us who we are. I'd probably be lost without the words too though.

Lovely thoughtful poem though.

'Because words come from deep within
Because all our thoughts
All our feelings
Are melted down inside our skin'

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