RAGE OF INNOCENCE (All due respect to Dylan Thomas)


Do not go easy into that cruel plight,

Life-latency should, combination, stay;

Rage, rage against the prying of the light.


Though cells, prior to conjoin, accrue no right,

Un-right usurped un-bid, entreats that they

Do not go easy into that cruel plight.


Wild sperm who caught and shot the ovum’s flight,

And learned too late, now grieving on your way,

Rage, rage against the prying of the light.


Bad dream - ‘gainst self divided; quickening’s blight,

How fares Bliss, traded for some tragic play?

Do not go easy into that cruel plight.


World-blind - as yet insensible to sight;

Contentment’s eye seeks not the glare of day.

Rage, rage against the prying of the light.


Oh artless foetus, soon without respite,

Cursed, none accounted latent tears, I pray:

Do not go easy into that cruel plight.

Rage! Rage against the prying of the light!

Dylan Tlifeparodyrage

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Wed 23rd Oct 2013 14:29

Yes - I like writing comedy for the ease of the rhyming scheme - it doesn't matter if it's forced - if anything it improves matters :) With serious poetry though, you just have to be more subtle and like you, I prefer the freedom that looser forms afford.

I'm not incredibly well read when it comes to Shakespeare - just the plays I studied at O and A level and odd ones I've seen along the way. One of my biggest ever regrets is not doing English literature at degree level - and particularly not knowing more Shakespeare - it's all in his plays, the great tragedy of human nature. The world is but a microcosm of our own souls - ooooh Barrie - you've got me feeling all poetic!

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barrie singleton

Wed 23rd Oct 2013 13:43

Hi Isobel. You really are a master of intuitive resonance. Secret: When I wove the Rage parody, I had no idea it was a Villanelle! My knowledge of poetic form and poets is very limited (I now keep it so). When I discovered the Vilanelle form (at our workshop) I wrote one - JUST ONE!
Far too clinical for me. If I had to choose, it would be McGonagal! How gentle of you to judge it, primarily, humourous. It is, in fact, one of my most heartfelt cries. (I shall resist going off on one! (:o) Maybe my next posting.)

You have out-Shakespeared me! I had not heard that quotation. How apposite. No flies on our Will.
Yes indeed. The template route to a Villanelle dulls the pain. I suspect most Villanelle writers compile a list of rhyming words first. Personally, as with my Limericks, I like to challenge myself to find the rhymes as I go. (Like free rock climbing but without the sudden death.)

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Wed 23rd Oct 2013 12:47

'When we are born, we cry that we are come
To this great stage of fools.'

Your parody brought to mind this quote from King Lear.

What a great villanelle! I've never managed to do that form before but can imagine that working to the template of a parody might be a good introduction

Much enjoyed - and though it's probably supposed to be funny, can see the sad truth in it.

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