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This high brick wall borders East and West, a Cold War frontier that symbolises the divisions between two mindsets. A time of paranoia and of being taken away in the night, soldiers only following orders, you’re going to the East, not to be seen again as you’re an enemy of the state, Stassi style.

For those who resist and fight there is only one option, eliminate the enemies of the East German state, line them up against the wall and shoot them in the name of Communism. For over 60 years, in a time of Germany’s rise and fall this wall has seen it all, the bricks know some stories as the bullet holes show. Each one a life that wanted to leave this state-run prison and head for the west and freedom.

From the last war to this one, fading graffiti marks a 60’s revolution that failed, now long forgotten, rotting condoms from some Fraulein’s trade, the oldest game. This is Berlin and the divided city, in the divided country, in the divided world.

One wall tells a people’s story, as plaster falls to the ground, a battle with time and tyranny, it stands strong like the people it repressed in 1970’s Germany. If her population could look to the future, they would see freedom and the fall of the wall,

not this one but their wall, the Berlin Wall and the death of their enemy – Communism.

Yet too late to save the fallen ones, murdered by the State for daring to have an idea and to dream.


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