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What a life, running on twin rigid train tracks going to a certain point

but how easy it is to come off then end up hurt!

You see, this is life and we are all in it together coping how we can to do our bit.

I do things differently than you. Sometimes I succeed while others I fail.

At least when I’m down I can say I’m not the only one.

There are o...

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Letter to Santa ( From a Xmas cynic)

Santa : bring me presents, bring me all I want

Bring me gifts of food and drink and other things as well

Bring me love and a tender heart to beat in time with mine

Bring me warmth with a human touch

Need is not a crime


I don’t suppose you can change my life

But at least you can change my day

And a thing that’d really cheer me up

Is a ride on your Christmas ...

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The Trumpeter


The war was all around

And the city was small.

The doctors laughed at him,

He was not like de Gaulle.


Well, may be the trumpeter?

OK, trumpeter, as a trumpeter!


Being a trumpeter is so good,

At least you don’t have to bow.

The bullets whistle over your head,

As the winds sometimes blow.


But why it happened like that?

For a boy ...

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How Many Questions Our Life Arise?


Not looking at anybody doesn’t mean not to see,

To do the things you like doesn’t mean to be free.

To be at the very verge of life doesn’t mean to die.

And standing on the ground doesn’t mean not to fly.

And how much to pepper so that all could be well?

And how much to sugar to sweeten  the hell?

To live a normal life doesn’t mean not to dream.

But how long to ...

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a feather called "macaroni"

This is about "living life to the max;" a smidgen of humour is required to get full enjoyment of this poem. Cheers!


Live life to the max, it's a good way to be -
methinks the first mac I may have ever encountered
is a popular fellow to kiddies, called Old Macdonald
who had a rather lively and musical farm
now follows a yummy collection of food
from baked mac...

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Camper Van


Another busy day, another busy week

There must be more to life than working week to week.

I’d like to jack the whole lot in and buy a campervan: I’d drive leisurely down to France and maybe even Spain

Nothing would be too much trouble, nothing would be a pain


Some days I’d have baked beans for tea or maybe fillet steak

And they’ll be days when I’m going far too f...

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these morphed illusions


What are we to do
about spectres in the mirror?

Pray tell, before they rise -
filling-in memories
of film noir and poetry,
dark or brooding -
states of alienation;
blaring piano forte
of shadowy symphonics:
inimitable contrivances.
Whip out the shammy & Windex;
wipe clean these morphed illusions.


Please make your res...

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My Dying Day

My dying day is noted somewhere

On the calendar of fate

There’s a little tick on the calendar

To make sure I won’t be late


Some unearthly soul awaits me

As the years tick away

There’s a little tick on that calendar

But I don’t even know the date


My Life has not always been easy

But that’s the way of life

I don’t bother checking my calendar


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A Schoolboy From Nineteen sixty-eight

I'm just a schoolboy from nineteen sixty-eight

Moving through life at an incredible rate


I’m getting older on the outside every day

But on the inside I’ve not aged a single day


I like to have a few beers down at my local bar

But every time the barmaid smiles in my direction


I realise I’m just a grown up schoolboy

Who’s sadly lacking in articulation.


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A Long Life Road


Our life is a real drama

In such a colorful gamma.

Our life is just a moment,

Sometimes with a torment.

Just have enough patience

To keep good relations,

To love truly and forgive.

You won’t believe

But today I cried away.

Someone thought it was a shame,

Someone comforted, didn’t blame,

Someone said: life goes on,

Someone dies and some are ...

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Give to Me an Angry Sea

While on holiday in Sardinia, a wild storm inspired the following poem...

Read the words here >>>

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I Only Have An Answer To The Important Question

(profanity alert)

do your dreams play better in colour?

you may never make it to Oz, be left

in the dirty sepia hollow of your streets that bled

their hue & rye into the gutter

when your ankles drowned in

silk and nylon and the alleys breathed your

living tears did you lose more than I ever found?

what do you think you shall leave?

the weight of your footfall...

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A Life Too Short


Some say life is too short - and I wish mine was taller,
but can we stretch it enough, and then stay fit to enjoy her?
Yes, I call life a 'her', it surely can't be a him,
it's beyond understanding, and can change with a whim...
August 12th 2012

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It's a Pity


It’s a pity that

you can’t take off your skin

like an old dress

can’t cover the rags

with a smart dress

so that to impress

can’t embroidery stitch the holes

made by moles


it’s a pity that

you can’t pull out your heart

to bask in the sun

can’t force it cut and run

from the life of one

can’t let your soul

fly in the sky like bird...

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Life's Towpath


We walked the canal towpath in a gentle summer haze,
watching a lock leak water that seemed to go on for days,
our collie was running ahead and kept turning to watch us dawdle,
but we were in no hurry then as time seemed to present no hurdle...
It was the mid eighties and we were just two lovers, with one dog,
marriage was fine as we were, holding hands with no r...

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Oh, God! Give me the strength.....


Oh, God! Give me the strength to forgive

Even when I was not forgiven,

No one to humiliate or to offend

Even when I was humiliated or offended

Give me the wisdom to be always fair,

Teach me to fly and not to be scared,

Not to be indifferent to the neighbors,

But to live and create for world's favors.

If I doubt to ask my heart for advice

As my heart ne...

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All his things are here (updated version)


All his things are around here, in the wardrobe and in the drawers

The man himself has gone

But all his things are here


Don’t put your things in that drawer, that’s drawer’s already in use

But it’s full of the things of a dead man

And he’s no longer here.


It’s cold out tonight, so very cold, so why don’t you use this scarf?

It’s the scarf of a dead ...

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Our Own Realities


Do we construct our own realities,
with a view to make us feel alive,
could we even live in spartan times,
no we need much more to truly thrive.
So keep those illusions that we can control, 
embed ourselves within their rosy frames,
ignore the chatter of the outer world,
ignore the silly ones that call us names.
In whichever part of the world yo...

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Knowing Souls


Implied persuasion,

By three knowing souls

Left a vision of what could have been.

A momentary relapse,

Like Lady Macbeth, blinded

Misguided, bitter raged

Baby beaten on her breast.

Innocent youth taken

Shaken by protector.

No milk of human kindness,

To be sweetened, swallowed

Just a poisoned evil that is given at first breath.

An undone deat...

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Passengers must not cross the line

Written coming into Stourbridge Junction 29th May 2012


Passengers must not cross the line

An epitaph for a lingering death of times occasionally sublime,

Travellers lovers and would be friends

Attempting to wander over fertile ground

Once so profound

Passengers must not cross the line.


By car, by train, by plain, by boat, adventurers in love.

In time,...

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A.W. of Accrington

Well hello there,

 It has been a long old while since I last posted and lots has happened since my last post. I have a new job and am now officially a commuter which is inspiring a large amount of material as you can imagine. I have also had one or two tragic events happen which leads me to my latest entry.

 At the beginning of this month my Grandfather passed away after losing a long f...

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We Miss You

Dear Jimbo,

On this day you left.

The Earth could no longer handle your grace, for this world can be an ugly place.

We couldn't handle your departure by ourselves. You showed us that we still have each other and that family is more than we were allowing it to be. Some of us will recoil and shrink. We look at them and we think about growth, our own extra terrestrial face as universal being...

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OUT/IN series of mad poems 2001




So we went out to see a film, with cars and music:

The Fast and The Furious. It’s like old times, you know,

Nick and Deb, when we had that thing.

Now the film ends and we go to your house,

reality hits home in the usual way.

The bloke you met sends you a text “Hello beautiful…”

and then I know it’s time to leave.

The trauma starts as I realise, th...

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A Reimagining

Sonnets are meant to be about romance

and love.

You know? All that's good.

But why should form be contained,

can one not make love to the page

in their own expression?

I can,

and will.

Imagination like a dodgems car,

wild yet bumpy.

And I guess that's what love is,

you can try to steer in the right direction

but there will always be obstacl...

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Mornin' On The Desert

Mornin' on the desert, and the wind is blowin' free,

the elements have freedom,

but what about me?


Trailing from bar to bar

like new age saloons,

why's it so hard

just to find me a home?


I keep on wandering,

wondering where's my milk and honey?

People sippin' on moonshine

or as some call it money.


Mornin' on the desert, and th...

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We fly towards the new millennium in a heady rush

of life not knowing where it will end,

or if this is only the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Who has fucked who, who is at war,

who loved who? It all seems inconsequential

compared to the death of the millennium.

Will we be happy or sad when those seconds fall

on a virgin new year?


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Kids With Drugs











Kids with drugs

being ripped apart

by blades of a knife.


Their lives end.

Do we even try

to make it stop?


Just getting by

each day,

have we lost sight?

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I struggle to be – as I see.

Lies become truth-ingrained.

Reality branches snapped from life's tree.

I struggle to be – as I see.

How I long for us all to be free,

though in sentience I'm pained.

I struggle to be – as I see.

Lies become truth-ingrained.

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The Formula of Love?


Man’s logic is so illustrative and simple,

He thinks he is so nimble.

Remembering the words of the great Pushkin:

“The less we love a woman the more she likes us”,

He is neither in a hurry nor in a fuss

To express his feelings and…. Alas!

There is nothing more here to discuss

From the attitudes of the poetic lyrics.

Pushkin’s words are not yardsticks.


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Brave people take control and change their lives.

Stuck in a boring job, just for the money.

Stuck in a loveless marriage, just for the kids.

Stuck with a knackered old car, falling to bits.

It’s up to you to make happiness and change your life.




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With Love Only


I hear the music of the Creator
In the fire of the sunset, in the blue darkness of the night,
In a starling’s song – a spring’s curator
Even when the quietness is tight.

It seems that love embraces all the creatures.
No more sadness, loss and tears.
No more wars, no more killed soldiers,
And only Madonna tenderly cradle her dears.

But how to understand where the evil...

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We were together after I was alone for so many long awful months; it seems I cope best when I’m happy with a gal. My friend Karen sees this, anyhow you left me after three months and looking back I see we’d of never worked. I saw you a couple of times, one after I’d been on a date with another strange gal in Manchester; I felt rather strange seeing you in town and you looking...

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Once Upon A Time....


Under the moonlight in the park

The stars shined like sparks.

A young couple walked,

You could hear them talk.

He was a guy with a sportsman's figure,

She was like a thin fragile stalk.

All the time the guy talked.

For a bet he crossed the bay

And it was on a stormy day.

He fought with the devils stream,

He heard the petrels scream.

How brave yo...

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Things to do



Spin the washing and hang it up

Mow the lawn and rake up the grass

Put out the bin and sort out your life

Oh and get a carton of milk before you go home to the wife


You’ve got your shirt to iron before you go to work

And your shoes need buffing and the car needs filling

So you’ve got no choice but to put your life on hold

But there’s time for a pint...

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This Current Economic Climate

This Current Economic Climate

The unknown

The feared

The fear

Grows when allowed


This society

Burrowing its venem


Deep, deep

Those that can’t pay don’t

And the bill becomes larger and larger

And their pockets become smaller and smaller

Then their houses get tinier

Then they lose them

And their sleeping blankets have no zip...

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In Este

In Este the vineyards weeped under the expanding
fog. Her empty eyes stared at me and 
in their reverberating darkness I was trapped as
her spirit formed aged velvet crystals in my glass.
Violins scented of spring and a tiny droplet from her
barefooted dance inundated the morning breeze.
My foot stamped the gravel as a thinly crusted air 
forced its way into my...

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Death Comes Without Warning

Death comes without warning; it steals your life away.

It takes away your loved ones, and the lights of your day.


Death comes silently; it stabs you in the back,

It reaches round behind you, then comes in for the attack


Death comes slowly; it reaches for your throat

It overwhelms you; it chokes you, before you’ve had time to put on your coat.


Death come...

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This February


This February took me to the frosts,

Experienced me by heavy snowstorms,

Wanted to know how much my love costs.


But…I was laughing boldly.

Happiness can’t live lonely.

I warmed myself by this verity.


This February tried to cool my heart,

It wanted us to live forever apart.

But…it forgot: March will be a start.


It tried to ice-bound my ...

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The anguish in your eyes?

Change the lenses!

The winter in your heart?

Fill the light! Be smart!

Someone betrayed you?

Says: Don’t love you?

Forgive that hurt!

It’s just a bullshit.

You are feeling nervous?

Drink tea with sweet honey!

You won’t buy health for money.

Your days are blue and gray?

Take the guitar and play!

Greet every new d...

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Ashes to Ashes

Love sick,
Love torn,
Love lost,
misplaced trust,
not in God,
but in us,
in I and you,
what was lust
turned so quickly
to earth scorched
red as angry rust.
There ain't no God, Mister,
there ain't no God,
but those who believe
believe in what they must
until that final day
when boxed and earthed
we will return
ashes to ashes
and dust to dust.

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Hey mate you're in the bank of idiots. You had the lady and acted out of character. Do you regret your actions? The art is in your house with positive sentiments off the lady. Signed with love and kisses, like her letter was. Do you still keep the letter and read it? What do you feel? I bet you like her art; it reminds you of your brief time together. In the pub she talk...

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The Budding Senescent

The Budding of the Senescent



When you reach the forgotten age
like 45, between 40 & 50
you realise that you need someone
by your side to remind you
that it isn't who you're with
but what you feel in your heart
they say life begins at 40
they also say that it's the mid life crisis

for sure you're no longer young
and for sure have not attained seniority eithe...

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Fate Accomplished

He was planning to go with his mates to the fair
With the money he’d saved from his newspaper rounds.
He’d promised Leanne that he’d lend her a fiver
She’d promised to sneak out a six-pack of cider.
But crossing the road on the way to the grounds
She got killed by a hit-and-run driver.

He was planning to bike round the Cape of Good Hope
With the money he’d made from a day at th...

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Love is a mistress of herself,

She comes without asking.

She can be so cruel or like a kind elf,

She can be true or just masking.


Your fate – my sorrowful pilgrim,

With the key on the neck to walk,

To look for a fairy kingdom,

With different people to talk.


You want to know whose you are,

Where your love lives.

Do you have to walk so far...

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