Death Comes Without Warning

Death comes without warning; it steals your life away.

It takes away your loved ones, and the lights of your day.


Death comes silently; it stabs you in the back,

It reaches round behind you, then comes in for the attack


Death comes slowly; it reaches for your throat

It overwhelms you; it chokes you, before you’ve had time to put on your coat.


Death comes quickly, it comes in a flash

One minute you’re sat by the pool, then there’s a splash

And the body that’s floating there-

-well, that’s your body, the one that once cut such a dash.


Death comes with trickery; it plays a sort of game,

Just when you think you’ve beaten it, you’re out of the frame


Death comes with mockery, it laughs in your face

But brave men and cowards alike -carry on the chase.


Death comes running, it’s running after you

So you go running too, sometimes fast sometimes slow,

You bend and turn and feint and hide

You do everything you know,

That’s when death gets you too. .


◄ The History of the World Part Four

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Wed 17th Oct 2012 18:22

Thought this was dead good,well done !!

tony sheridan

Wed 17th Oct 2012 15:53

Live each day as if it's your last. Well done. Take care, Tony.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 22nd Feb 2012 17:57

Oh it wont get me Steve-
I,ll kill meself first....DOH!

well done Squire!

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